San Jose

Author N/A
Live Debut 04/20/1996
Last Time Played 03/14/2017


Pedro wakes in the morning
Sun is shining, the birds are singing.

children are calling
The gangs all here and there’s no time for waiting.
As they run down the alley,
Merchants sort their

Preparing for the day,
They wait for todays first pay.
Not impatient, not eager,
They’re familiar with the meter

Just another day in the streets of San Jose’.

They sing a-ooom a-ooom buenos dias
a-ooom a-ooom como estais

a-ooom how is your family
a-ooom a-ooom so good to see you today.

Pedro knows it’s time to go home now.
Sun is sinking, the

birds have stopped singing.
Other childrens mothers are calling.
At home they know a meal will be bubblin’.
As the sun goes down

la calle’.
Musicians fill the air.
With songs of love,
Songs of love and despair.
Conqueros, charangos,
All sensing the

tempos of
Just another night under San Jose’s light.

they sing a-ooom a-ooom buenos noches
a-ooom a-ooom hasta manana

a-ooom a-ooom time to go home now?
a-ooom a-ooom just sing one more song for me


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