Set One

(acoustic): Huckling the Berries, Dark Hollow*, Rebecca**, Doin' My Time, The Hobo Song, Shenandoah Breakdown, Bear Creek¹***, Hold What You've Got¹, Wheel Hoss

Set Two

Shantytown, Missin' Me > Chameleon, Desert Dawn, Boo Boo's Pikanic, Sweet Melinda²^ > San Jose²

Set Three

Drums² > I Know You Rider², MLT, Jellyfish# > Rollover > Rivertrance


Next to You > Rollover


* without Kyle
** without Kyle and Travis
*** with only Bill and Jillian Nershi
^ with Slipknot! and The Other One teases
# with Willin' (Lowell George) and What's the Buzz (Jesus Christ Superstar) lyrics

First Time Played: Bear Creek (Carter Family cover), Boo Boo's Pikanic (new original)

Soundcheck: Indian Creek, Slipknot! > Sweet Melinda > Slipknot!
Entire acoustic set with Pete Wernick on banjo
¹ with Jillian Nershi on vocals
² with Bill Kreutzmann on drums


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