Set One

Salt Creek Tease, Lester Had a Coconut, Hold What You Got*, Rhythm of the Road, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, 100 Year Flood, Pirates, Bigger Isn't Better > Rhum 'n' Zouc > Drums > Tell My Feet I Made It Home > Hootch, Fuel for the Road > Sir Duke Jam > We Want the Funk Jam > Sir Duke Jam, Sunny Rain >

Set Two

The Hobo Song, San Jose, Got What He Wanted, Blackberry Blossom > Nardis > Blackberry Blossom, Come As You Are, Land's End** > Round the Wheel


Walk This Way


* preceeded by a false start Rhythm of the Road
** with Third Stone from the Sun Tease SCI left the stage during Drums and Keller Williams played the italicized tweener set. SCI returned during the Jam into The Hobo Song for the second set.