Set One

Chili Dawg, Hold What You Got, Lester Had a Coconut, High on a Mountain Top, Black Clouds, Long Gone, Come Back Home, Pirates, Unconditional Love, Big Sciota, Ginsing Sullivan, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Take a Little Time, San Jose, Well You Needn't, How Mountain Girls Can Love, Yellow Moon, Lonesome Fiddle Blues

Set Two

When Will I, Resume Man, Chopsticks Jam, I Saw the Light, Land's End > Johnny Cash, Pent Up House, Funiculi Funicula, TWLWMYD, Blues Walk, Rhum 'n' Zouc


Soundcheck: Chopsticks Jam, Well You Needn't
First time played: Well You Needn't


  • 1 08/25
  • This is the only Incident on this date.