Desert Dawn

Author N/A
Live Debut 10/11/2002
Last Time Played 12/29/2017


Desert dawn

Rise up early, lift your song

On the breath of

life that rises from the Glowing stone

Feel the rock of ages, smooth against your skin

Smell the breath of flowers

dancing on the wind

Dancing on the wind

Canyon siesta

Resting shady by a pool

Dancing water

sings a song beneath a Cottonwood

Baptized in the water, shriven in the sand

Dried upon the summer breeze

Touched by God’s own hand

Touched by God’s own hand

Twilight turns

To the beating of a drum

Stand in flaming silhouette before the Setting sun

When the night comes ‘round you lay your blanket on the sand

Reach up to the sky and touch the stars with your own hands,

Stars with your own hands.


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