Author N/A
Live Debut 02/07/2000
Last Time Played 10/27/2017


My story is a strange one, so put reality behind Now my friends, it is I, Howard the

charmin' swine >From one world to another, I sailed across the sky Goggles are on, keep it flowin', it's exhilarating to fly Left the

woods for Humboldt County, and picked up Pepe Le Pew The funky skunk said there's fungus amungus, and put some in my stew. Howard!

Howard! Though the stew was divine, I soon felt kinda bizarre My gravy got kinda wavy, the door to my mind was ajar No way to go but

through that door, I leapt with all my charm Off to see the revue at the colorful Hog Farm Up and away, 'cause I feel fine Oh, I'm off

to my next adventure! Howard! Howard! Howard? (Billy) Howard! Sweet, sweet little piggy (Billy) Howard! The wind was pushin' me to the

south, as I sailed above the trees Fearless with the wind behind me, catchin' bugs between my teeth The sun came up, the sun went down,

again, again, and again With speed and ease, I landed in the sand way down in the Yucatan Mayan ruins gave me shelter from all the Mexican

rain A small, frail, crazy dream sailor, with Pepe Le Pew to blame


115 total appearances