Set One

Rollover, Dirk*, MLT¹ > Drums¹ > MLT¹, On the Road, God Bless the Child², Midnight Moonlight², Lonesome Fiddle Blues³, Zombie Jamboree^

Set Two

Howard > Rhum 'n' Zouc, Let it Go**, Hold What You've Got, Rivertrance***, Restless Wind


Best Feeling^^, Sittin' on Top of the World^^^


* with Lonesome Fiddle Blues teases. Song was preceeded by a jam about all the vendors in the area.
** Preceeded by a false start Resume Man
*** Without Nershi until the very end of the tune "¹ with Jose Martinez on percussion
² with Drew Emmitt on mandolin and Mark Vann on banjo
³ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, and Bill McKay on keyboards
^ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, Bill McKay on keyboards, Jose Martinez on percussion, and Vince Herman on vocals and washboard
^^ with Keller Williams
^^^ with Keller Williams, Drew Emmitt, Mark Vann, Bill McKay, Vince Herman, and someone in a gorilla suit"


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