Set One

Lonesome Fiddle Blues1 > Another Brick In The Wall part 21 > Lonesome Fiddle Blues1 Black Clouds2, Catch a Criminal3, Sharecropper's Son4, Callalou And Red Snapper5, Vacate5, Kidney In A Cooler5, Outside Inside > Colliding

Set Two

Drums > Search, Bumpin' Reel6 Sometimes A River, It Is What It Is, Shantytown, Way That It Goes, Howard




1 with Andy Falco, Allie Kral, Dave Johnston, and And Hall, Chris Pandolfi, 2 - with Allie , Ben, and Adam of YMSB, 3 YMSB original, Ben on vox/electric bass (replaced Keith) 4 with all of YMSB, Andy Falco, Andy Hall, with Ben on vox, 5 with Keller Williams, 6 w Dominic Lalli on Sax


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