Resume Man

Author N/A
Live Debut 03/17/1996
Last Time Played 07/23/2017


Well a funny thing happened at a gig the other day
When a man approached me

with a resumeí
And said 'if you need any help, then Iím your man.'
He said, 'Iíll work the door, Iíll load your gear if you boys

Get thirsty, Iíll go for beer, and if it ever breaks down, I can Even fix your van'
When I asked the guy what he did for work I saw a

twinkle in his eye and he gave a little smirk he said, 'I work right down the Road, Iíve got a melon stand.
Set up in a shady spot, I

sell watermelon and a little good pot, And last year I made damn near thirty grand.'
He said, 'I need a change and I love your sound,

I sure Would like to get out of this town and dedicate my life to a Rock and roll band.
Iíve been a race car mechanic and a body guard,

Iím a CPA and I work real hard.
Come on and hire me on, I can see you boys need a hand.'
'You know Iíve done it all and been

around Had a lot of good jobs, seen a lot of rough towns.
Iíd like to offer you my services for hire.
I was a cook in the army and I

drove a jeep, I had an Eighty acre ranch where I ran some sheep, I sang bass in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.'

Heís a

resumeí man, heís a resumeí man.
If he canít do it, I donít know who can
It says right here, heís qualified
Fifty years on the

job but the man is only forty-five.

But things started getting a little weird
When he stared at Mike and took a swig of

And said, 'Whatís with the lady, she really blows my mind.'
Well I know the man was qualified, heíd worked a hundred

Different jobs, done them all with pride but he wasnít exactly the Help weíd hope to find.



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