Born On The Wrong Planet

Author N/A
Live Debut 09/02/1995
Last Time Played 12/29/2017


Did you ever get the feeliní that youíre out there all alone,

one else can hear you, no one answers when you phone,
Youíre worried Ďcause you canít remember the Name of the girl that you just

Might must be youíre born on the wrong planet.

No, I donít think that it could be somethiní that you ate
Ďcause I just

had the same thing too and man I sure feel great
Now donít you worry, itís not something that you should regret
Thing is you were

born on the wrong planet.

Now I must admit Iíve felt that way once or twice before,
When I canít think of what to say as Iím

walking towards the door.
For this strange feeling I have I cannot find a cure.
I guess I was just born on the wrong planet.


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