Set One

(acoustic): Pig in a Pen¹, Dark Hollow¹, Beaumont Rag¹, John Hardy¹, Minor Swing¹, Love Please Come Home¹, Lester Had a Coconut¹, I Saw the Light¹, Kissimmee Kid¹, Dixie Hoedown¹, Panama Red¹

Set Two

Round the Wheel, Born on the Wrong Planet, Lonesome Fiddle Blues¹, 45th of November, MLT, Rollover² > Won't Get Fooled Again

Set Three

Smile, Looking Glass, Can't Stop Now, Way Back Home, Lost, Rivertrance > Desert Dawn


Restless Wind


"² unfinished

First Time Played: Pig in a Pen (Traditional), Kissimmee Kid (Vassar Clements original), 45th of November (Kyle/Robert Hunter original), Won't Get Fooled Again (Who cover)

Last I Saw the Light: 8/25/1996 - Alta Lakes Observatory, Alta Lakes, CO [988 shows]

Last Beaumont Rag: 4/26/2001 - Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY [217 shows]

Last Minor Swing: 7/11/2002 - River's Edge, Somerset, WI [107 shows]

Last Love Please Come Home: 6/29/2002 - Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO [112 shows]
" ¹ with Vassar Clements on fiddle


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