45th of November

Author N/A
Live Debut 03/20/2004
Last Time Played 12/30/2017


No matter when it comes One thing's sure, it comes too soon Fame, death,

love all find us Never quite prepared or in tune You could hunger through the years for the proper combinations to appear Til at long long

last its crystal clear You really cannot get there from here Others seem to know When to make their moves That may not be true More likely

they're as hungry as you For the moment when everything clicks The fat lady's tiger rolls and does his tricks Forty fifth of November

Twenty sic ten on the clock In a future we won't remember What will they make of such talk? We learn the art of compromise To pass the

days when nothing works out right And we keep the faith of years Or we blow the whole thing up in one good fight Chorus Feed me sweet

lemon wine Squeeze the juice from the peel Playing strip poker with time And it's your turn to deal Forty fifth of November remember the



44 total appearances