Looking Glass

Author N/A
Live Debut 08/22/2003
Last Time Played 08/04/2017


Daybreak on the city streets from the corner of her eye Past the man who

holds a box he'll try to get inside Faces look back at me from their places on the wall Above the girl that held a shiny looking glass

She said, "All the faces in here have an undercoat of blue LOOK real close with this glass of mine, you can pick out every hue" I took the

glass from her hand and held it to the sky I took one glimpse. I slipped and fell into the other side Sometimes I can't feel how far

we've come Sometimes I feel like my body's grown numb Sometimes I can't feel how far we've come Then I step back, look again and my

chains come undone Back out on the sidewalk now I'm crashing through the night Feel the first breath of air bringing on the storm On the

bench ahead sat a man playing national guitar I didn't recognize the tune, but I dropped change in his jar The first notes that hit my

ears didn't sound quite right, But I let the song wash over me and it got me through the night Step inside take a look at the tapestry

untied Set loose all the details that occupy your mind Can you see a picture that is coming into view A journey started long ago. Let's

see the story through See how far we've come Fell what has begun We can be headed toward the sun If we free ourselves from these chains

of inspection


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