Turn this Around

Author N/A
Live Debut 06/30/2000
Last Time Played 12/30/2017


*NOTE* There are a few different alternate verses to these lyrics
so some

may be slightly similar
Used to think we'd get to where we've been
Now we stand here just rememberin'
Times I wake up we knew

where we've been
Now we sit here rememberin'
Used to think we could do anything
Now I sit here just

Sometimes we thought we knew everything
Now I sit here
I don't think you ever thought about how much I really

You just live/or/float though your life with your head up in the air
Don't you bother trying to run away
It's all bound to

catch up with you some day
If you think you'll never go it's time to go away
See if we can turn this around, maybe some

other way
(Turn this around)
Take this to a higher ground, maybe some other day
(Turn this around)
Maybe you're afraid to

see, baby you're enough for me
(Turn this around)
Maybe you're afraid to try, you always sit there asking why
What's the

warning all is fair
Do you think it might end some day
Look around you're not smilin'
All I see are just tears a

Crawl through the dark to look into the light
You can't hide from your shadow so take a look at it

Don't you bother tryin' to run away if you can't stand through
the rain
You can't find any fun if you can't get

through the pain
If you really noticed how much I really care
You just floated through your life-head up in the

You won't have any fun
If you make me feel the pain
You can't be happy playing in the sun if you ______ fear the


Thank you Greg Sullivan!!!
And thanks to Matt Smith for the alternate verses!


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