Author N/A
Live Debut 10/11/1997
Last Time Played 11/24/2017


Take a look into the sky and tell me what it is that you see

I see millions

and billions of tiny stars shining light down on to you and me

Have you ever just sat and wondered if there’s life in other


If you have, just take a seat and relax cuz son there’ll be not more uncertainty

Will they be green or gray or

yellow or black
And have two legs on which they stand on

Will they slither around like a funky lizard and have tongues that only

stick out

Will they read our minds like open books and tell us that we’re primitive

Or will they swarm down on us like

insects like in this summer’s latest blockbuster

Our government continues to tell us lies about who our closest neighbors


They cover up, smother up, distort and distract any proof of recent contact

It’s all a lie, we’re not alone, we never

have been, we never will be

So turn off the boob tube and put on a groovy tune and keep an extra eye out for ET


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