When Will I

Author N/A
Live Debut 09/02/1995
Last Time Played 09/26/2003


When my love was so far away,
In the arms of another man

Don't ya know it made my heart beat slow
In the past,
I had a lover made my heart beat fast
She made me feel good good

She met me right were I stood
When will I?
Oh, when will I?
Oh, when will I?
When will I look back and

When will I?
Oh when will I?
When I look back at life,
When will I look back and laugh?
Once upon,
A time

when my heart was strong
I was younger and I didn't much care
I said love can come and hurt me there
Now's the time

I've been broken in full force
I decided I was wrong, wrong, wrong
I hope I didn't wait too long

Some time

I left a woman 'cuz she couldn't let go
I was puttin' on my walkin' shoes
She was singing up some genuine blues

I've lived a life
Full of lovers and troubles and strife
Now I'm figuring out what went wrong
While I'm sittin' here

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