Swampy Waters

Author N/A
Live Debut 03/12/2004
Last Time Played 10/20/2005


Wine box man is broken down Guilt trip cocktail, a thorny crown Rosy glasses

they see just right Softening the choices of crash or flight Frowning suit man keeping time Closed an eye to nature's rhyme Hopes a mint

will save his breath Got an elevator speech for Mr. Death Swamy waters seem so warm Simming with the devil through the candy store

Somwhere angels are frowning I need a good dream, as good as it gets Don't touch me, I'm still expanding Just one more bullet for my

Russian roulette Crazy boy loads his mojo kit, Flicks the light and takes a hit Cuz early to rise and early to bed Makes one healthy, rich

and dead Ken has got another doll Broke the last one, broke them all When they learn to laugh again Come and pulls the velvet chain Chorus

Like a handle in the hand A ticket to whatever land Get yourself a holy cow Cancel any time but now Chorus


12 total appearances