Cedar Laurels

Author N/A
Live Debut 02/17/2001
Last Time Played 08/05/2017


Barefoot in the evening dust Ask the bronze girl who she trusts To win the

human race for us. And does she cry herself to sleep, Or will she in the morning speak Of golden dreams and gypsy freaks, Who in

Pandora's canyon roam, And teakwood treasures of her own To light a stately pleasure dome.

Barefoot in the mountain stream That

flows from music Hippocrene We teach the young girl how to sing >From father's words and mother's heart The sunrise of a newborn bard A

child born into minstrel's art, To summer's green and red rock flame Where rubies on horizon hang: Inspiration is her name.


coming child of night's delight A Cain to Abel's fury right Midsummer's nameless blessed child A pearl of augury and sage An arrow

fixed upon its aim The herald words upon the page: The children of this thousandth year Will glide past shadowed valley fear And shed they

not a single tear For Avalon approaches here, To Avalon the path is clear.


63 total appearances