Bar Stool

Author N/A


Well I guess I have been drinking and I probably shouldn’t be Calling you late at

night just to listen to your voice
But I’m missing you so badly and my days have gone by
Sadly since that night, so I went out with

the boys.
I know I should be stronger but I wish that what we had had Lasted longer, I guess that was your choice
So I call you up

to sort it out, sorry I don’t mean to shout But a crowded bar room makes a lot of noise

From the deepest canyons, to the

highest mountains
And all points in between.
Sandstone nights and birthday fights, I said something didn’t Feel quite right

I close my eyes at night, It’s your face that I see

So you got yourself a ticket, you’re gonna travel to the middle World just to

see what you can see
Yeah ya made yourself a new friend before you left
I wonder if you’re thinking about him or if you’re thinking

about me


Sun crest down in Equador as you walk the streets of the capitol
I got time for just one more,

take another hit from the bottle
Sit here in that chair and think about the summer when we went To the deepest…..

Chorus x 2