Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mother

Author N/A
Live Debut 03/04/2000
Last Time Played 03/04/2000


He was born in Oklahoma
His wifes name was old Betty

Lou Thelma Liz
And he aint responsible for what he is doing
Because his mama made him what he is

And its up

against the wall red neck mother
A mother who has raised her son so well
So well, so well, so what
Hes 34 and drinking in a

honkey tonk
Whats he doing down there?
Hes just kicking hippies asses and raising hell
Well, you know he sure loves to drink

that fishtail beer
And he chases it down with old Wild Turkey bourbon liquor
He drives a 57 GMC pick-up truck
With a gun rack

and a hed rather step in shit than to smoke his bumper sticker


(this always changes)
M is for the mud flaps on my

pick-up truck
O is for the oil I put in my hair
T is for t-bird H if for Haggard
E is for eggs, enzymes, and enemas
And R is



Played: 03/21/98 Tacoma, WA


1 total appearance