Set One

Waiting for Travis Jam* > Mrs. Brown's Teahouse, Dudley's Kitchen > 100 Year Flood > Lester Had a Coconut, Want, Bigger Isn't Better > Flashlight > Bigger Isn't Better > Mouna Bowa

Set Two

Black & White, Blackberry Blossom, Hey Pocky Way, The Old Home Place, Don't Say > Jam > Climb, Jam > Johnny Cash** > Hose Guy Jam*** > Johnny Cash


Outside Inside


* Travis parasailed in from a nearby mountain and ran to the stage. Keith played on Travis' set.
** with Rainy Day Women (Bob Dylan) vocals.
*** Jam featuring Tim Donlan, someone Billy met after the first Mt. Shasta show. He played a garden hose fitted with a mouthpiece from a trumpet while the band vamped around him.